A day in the life of a Snap-on franchisee

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Snap-on franchisee? In this section, our “Day in the Life” videos will give you a front-seat view of a typical day for a few of our franchisees. There’s also some information on the types of the things that would make up your day and even a video tour of a mobile store.

Snap-on franchisees come from all different walks of life prior to their careers with Snap-on.

Start by checking out the videos below to hear their stories…

Who can be a Snap-on franchisee?

Almost anyone! It’s all about attitude…

The best franchisees have great people skills and the ability to really build relationships with customers. You need to be dedicated and willing to put some serious effort but so long as you have a great attitude and the motivation, we can teach you all you need to build a profitable, rewarding business.

“Don’t be put off at the thought of selling, it’s not what you think in this business. You have to be a real people person to work with Snap-on; there’s no cold-calling or hard sell because your customers are genuinely pleased to see you and are interested in what you’ve got each week. It’s a combination of following the training and the tools just speaking for themselves – everyone wants the latest and best products, and that’s what I have on my van.”

Alex Hunter, County Antrim franchisee

What will my average day look like?

No two days are the same, and that’s something that our franchisees tell us that they love most! Some of your daily activities will include:

  • Planning your day: using the dedicated point of sale system you can easily prepare your bespoke sales pitch for every customer
  • Merchandising: we’ll will provide you with plenty of sales promotions but you get to dress your store your way to entice customers to buy more!
  • Delivering exceptional service: identifying your customer’s wants and needs and offering them a solution
  • Back of house admin: like banking, stock checks and ordering.

You’ll visit on average 20 garages per day where your customers will be waiting for you. Some will want to know ‘what’s new Snappy?’ whilst others may need help with repairs or things like upgrades and trade-ins. We’re all about working smart so have developed state-of-the-art software that can auto-route your working weeks, Monday to Friday. It starts furthest away and works you closer to home as you get to Friday – that’s why, on average, franchisee mileage is less than 10,000 per year.

With Snap-on, you are in control of your franchise. You have a weekly service requirement to meet, but you set your schedule and you manage your customer relationships.

“I’ve been a franchisee since 1997 but I still get training! We get updates and meetings to attend but mostly you are constantly gaining experience in selling and how to deal with customers on a day to day basis,”

Elio Auletta, Sutton franchisee.

“Snap-on is the best company I’ve ever worked with. I don’t feel like I’m on my own even though I’m out running the business on my own day-to-day. I enjoy working with Snap-on and they’re a great team of people,”

Adam Callis, Snap-on Cornwall

“Snap-on is the perfect retail model. You take the best products and sell them to the people who need them.”

Scott Walters, Conwy franchisee

Tour a Snap-on Store

Take a tour of a mobile store and see why, when we call it a showroom on wheels, we mean it!