National Franchise Manager, Lisa Law, answers the six most burning questions that we get asked and explains why Snap-on is a great business opportunity for all.

1) What does a Snap-on franchise entail? A Snap-on franchise is a mobile tool store. When you buy a franchise you get a state-of-the-art van, starter stock, territory and all the training and support you’ll need to build a business that’s profitable and enjoyable too. Franchisees build regular routes in their territory and sell our industry leading products to mechanics, auto technicians and specialist workshops. You visit around 20 garages each day where your customers will be waiting for you. Some will want to know what’s new whilst others may need help with repairs or things like upgrades and trade-ins.

Our franchisees always say they love that no two days are the same. Activities include things like restocking and displaying products, keeping your van clean and looking its best, back of house admin like banking, stock checks and ordering and, of course, visiting customers and chatting to head office.

2) Who makes a good Snap-on franchisee? Almost anyone! It’s all about attitude. We look for someone who has great people skills and the ability to really build relationships with customers. You need to be dedicated and willing to put some serious effort but so long as you have a good attitude and the motivation, we can teach you the rest.

3) Do you need auto-trade experience to be a Snap-on franchisee? Absolutely not! Some of our most successful franchisees had never stepped foot in a garage before joining us. Take Guy Baldwin-Brown for example – who you can read about in this issue too – Guy was a PE teacher and a Fire Fighter before joining Snap-on. He knew that he wanted to be his own boss, earn good money and have control over his own future and saw Snap-on as a vehicle to achieve all of those things. From day-one, Guy threw himself 100% into his business. Because he’s a great people-person, he’s built  strong relationships with his customers and has become the go-to man for tools, advice and support in his area. Guy now has multiple territories and was ranked 12thin the UK for sales in 2017. Not bad for someone with no experience!

4) What support do you offer franchisees? Our motto is: in business for yourself but never by yourself. After your initial training, you get five weeks of on-van support in your territory with a Franchise Developer who will teach you the fundamentals of running the business. ASales Developer will then spend another 18 days with you over the next five months and then offer ongoing support for life! Our award-winning marketing and sales support programmes are designed to give a regular boost to your business –  and they don’t cost you a penny. We hold monthly and quarterly franchisee forums, two annual conferences and our legendary tool show. We also have a National Franchisee Advisory Council and dedicated head office support line.

5) What makes Snap-on different? Founded in the US almost 100 years ago, we’ve been in the UK since 1965. We’re one of the only franchisors in the UK able to offer an in-house help-to-buy scheme. We offer business loans to help you buy your franchise meaning you don’t have to approach the high-street banks. With our model, there are no Management Service Fees or royalties to pay so you keep 100% of your profits. We were voted the UK’s number 2 franchise by the Elite Top 100 in 2017 and won Best Franchisee Marketing Support at the Franchise Marketing Awards in 2017.

6) Are you still looking for franchisees? Yes! We have a strong, national network of over 430 franchisees but we’re always looking for ambitious men and women to join our team. We have brand new territories available across the country and a number or resale opportunities available.

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