Kristian Minter is one of nine new franchisees who joined the Snap-on network in the last two months. The former chef had become disillusioned with his restaurant career, feeling that the pressure and stress far outweighed any personal or financial satisfaction.

Looking for something more rewarding on both fronts, it was a chance conversation with a friend that introduced him to the Snap-on opportunity. After some thorough research, Kristian was convinced that his future lay with the franchise.

“I was having a conversation with a best friend of mine who is a mechanic and he told me about Snap-on because he swears by the tools and knows his local franchisee well. I looked into it almost straight away and it seemed like a tried and tested model – they have 95 years’ experience, so they clearly know what they’re doing! The more I researched it the more I felt it could be an amazing opportunity. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have the experience, I’ve been given all the training I need to get off to a flying start and this business is all about building relationship and being a people person – which suits me to the ground!”

Most franchisors will tell you that you don’t need industry experience in order to be a successful franchisee; and it’s true. A great franchisor will provide you will the tools, the knowledge and the support to take their proven business model and replicate it successfully in your local community or chosen part of the country.

For Snap-on, this is exactly the case. It just so happens that many of our franchisees have an automotive background simply through their passion for motorsport; Formula One, World Rallying, Superbikes or the industry in general. But for all those who are self-confessed petrol-heads, there are equal numbers of ex-plumbers, software engineers, soldiers, retail salesmen and now, in the form of Kristin – ex chefs!

By contrast, another of the nine new starters who joined at the same time as Kristian already knew all about Snap-on. Mark Hyde is a former field support specialist who used to spend his time out on the road with franchisees, helping them to develop their own businesses. Keen to share in their success, he took the plunge and launched his very own franchise in Coventry and Leicestershire in June of 2017.

“It’s very different being a franchisee but I love it! Every day so far has been a learning curve but in a good way, I get more and more confident and comfortable as I go along. I really enjoy getting to know people, becoming what’s actually not a salesman but more of an advisor/go-to guy for my customers and generally learning about business. One thing I do know is that this business is what you make of it; if you put your all into it and try really hard you’ll get the rewards. I’ve seen it myself and now I’m going to experience it first-hand.”

As Mark knew and Kristian discovered, our heritage is one that’s worthy of note. Established in the US almost 100 years ago, Snap-on came to the UK in 1965 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most easily recognisable names in both the motor and franchise industries. As Lisa Law, our National Franchise Manager explains, 2017 was a record year for the UK network on both a national and a local level:

“In 2017, our franchisee’s average sales were a record £6,637 per week. As a country, we saw a national sales increase of 4.6% on the previous year and our franchisees business equity increased by 5.7%. It’s something we’re incredibly proud of and is a testament to the ongoing support and sales initiatives that we implement across the board. We do always say that we’ll only ever be as successful as our franchisees are so we work hard to give them the best possible opportunities to flourish.”